Talk given by Jiacheng at 2023 EIPBN

Talk given by Sushmit at 2023 EIPBN

Talk given by Pan at 2023 EIPBN


Wu’s group at 2018 EIPBN Conference

Talk given by Boxiang Song at 2018 EIPBN (Topic: Investigation of Plasmonic Enhancement of Molecular Fluorescence Using Collapsible Nano-Fingers )

Talk given by Yunxiang Wang at 2018 EIPBN (Topic: Plasmonic-enhanced Photo-catalysis using Collapsible Nano-fingers )

The PK-12 STEM Spotlight on EE even for middle and high school students.


Wu’s group at 09/2017

Yuanrui Li won “The Best Photon Micrograph” award in 2017 EIPBN Conference

Wu’s group and friends at 2017 EIPBN Conference

Wu’s group at 2017 USC EE Department Basketball Match, Professor Wei Wu was in preparation for shooting

The photo of Dr. He Liu and his thesis denfense committee.

The photo of Dr. Wei Wu and Dr. Yuhan Yao after Yuhan passed his defense.


Wu’s group at 08/2016

Wu’s group with summer internship students

Working on Cancer Hyperthermia Therapy project